Mar-a-Lago Ocean-to-Lake Author, Olympia Devine, and co-author,

Bernd Lembcke.

The Mar-a-Lago book is a beautiful hard cover coffee table book describing the extraordinary Mar-a-Lago Club, Palm Beach, Florida property.

This new edition gives you a look at the gorgeous photos and historical facts combined to make an impressive unified image of the Palm Beach's pride - a fabulous architectural item of Mar-a-Lago.

A room-by-room informative tour through 245 beautifully-designed pages of this representative of Palm Beach books won't leave anyone indifferent. Olympia Devine invites you on a journey through time.

Best Mar-a-Lago Book by Olympia Devine

The book starts with the early 1920s and the times of the famous Mrs. Marjorie Merriweather Post. It carries its attentive reader to 2016 and the most respectable new owner, Mr. Donald J Trump, who repaired the property and created a private club.


This one of the Palm Beach books is an excellent return of a reader to the Palm Beach. In Mar-a-Lago  Ocean-to-Lake, you will read chapters covering the Palm Beach history, architecture of the island, its clubs, sports, cars, arts, people, and nature.

Mar-a-Lago Book - The Way To See the Beauty Without Visiting

Whether you visit Mar-a-Lago’s or look at it from the outside, you will still notice a lot of things that make Palm Beach special. Its architecture and historical importance are unrepeatable. Mar-a-Lago now is the exclusive tropical enclave and a favorite spot of billionaires. The vehicle of the triumph of many celebrities and one of the greatest mansions ever built in the United States. The inside story of this perfect place in this Mar-a-Lago book. The book about Mar-a-Lago includes descriptions and pictures of the natural beauty objects surrounding the place, and how it emphasizes the exquisiteness of it.


Take a tour room-by-room through 245 glossy pages of photos and historical editorial. A journey through time, from the early 1920's under the ownership of the legendary, Mrs. Marjorie Merriweather Post - until 2016 with its new owner, Mr. Donald J Trump who restored and expanded the property into a private club. Donald J. Trump is said to learn the techniques that took him all the way to the White House in Mar-a-Lago.


In addition, you will get interviews and images from inside Mar-A-Lago, and Olympia Devine will share her inner understanding of the society of Palm Beach.

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