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Palm Beach:The Legacy  Author, Olympia Devine 

Palm Beach: The Legacy Collectors' Edition with beautiful slipcase cover.


This is a beautiful and comprehensive coffee table book that chronicles the past and present of the extraordinary Town of Palm Beach. The reader is invited to take a tour through 280 glossy pages of past and present photos and historical editorial - all making this book "a work of art." In addition to the first 100 years of town history, Palm Beach: The Legacy includes chapters on its architects, historical places of interest, the Palm Beach Centennial, the town today, and the charm of this legendary resort and how its people play today.

Palm Beach: The Legacy is a panoramic and chronological view of Palm Beach history through the lens of a photographer and an author. This book contains an eclectic mix of beautiful photos highlighting various times, their architecture, personalities, and natural beauty that make the island so attractive for millions of tourists and celebrities.

Available at Barnes and Noble, and Palm Beach stores: The Palm Beach Book Store, The Flagler Museum, and Par 3 Golf Course.

Mar-a-Lago Ocean-to-Lake by Olympia Devine


Mar-a-Lago: Ocean-to-Lake

ISBN -978-0-692-84590-5

Author, Olympia Devine, and co-author, Bernd Lembcke.

A beautiful hard cover coffee table book describing the extraordinary Mar-a-Lago Club, Palm Beach, Florida property.

Take a tour room-by-room through 245 glossy pages of photos and historical editorial. A journey through time, from the early 1920s under the ownership of the legendary, Mrs. Marjorie Merriweather Post - until 2016 with its new owner, Mr. Donald J Trump who restored and expanded the property into a private club.

Available at Barnes and Noble, and Palm Beach stores: The Palm Beach Book Store, The Flagler Museum, and Par 3 Golf Course.

PB Tribute cover small.jpg

Palm Beach: A Community Tribute


"These pages were completed by the community - for their community…..a tribute."  

Troy Devine

This coffee table book showcases:

•  The first 100 years of Palm Beach history, lifestyle, and culture

•  Many of the families and individuals who have made a difference

•  Many of the top organizations that have had an impact on society

 Palm Beach is well-known around the world and is a truly unique place that attracts not only international tourists but also celebrities and the wealthy. It is a favorite spot and inspiration for artists, writers, and photographers. Palm Beach history is full of extraordinary events related to exciting and unique personalities. Author Olympia Devine lives in Palm Beach and as a writer and a photographer, she sees the area in her own, exceptional way. Every year brings more and more inspiring coffee table books about Palm Beach.         


Available at Barnes and Noble, and Palm Beach stores: The Palm Beach Book Store, The Flagler Museum, and Par 3 Golf Course.

Dr Lowe Cover Bleed Cover_03.jpg

CATHERINE -My Life Journey. Based on a true story

 ISBN- 979-8-9853116-3-1 (September 1, 2021)

Author, Olympia Devine - Illustrator, Karima Cromer


This fun biographical picture book is illustrated for children (approximate
age group of 5 to 9 years) and is based on the true-life story of Dr. Catherine Lowe – a Board Certified, Comprehensive Ophthalmologist and community leader. This story is a testament of family life, hard work and dedication towards a medical degree. It is hoped that Dr. Lowe’s legacy will inspire hopefulness, inclusiveness, with the expectation of achievement and attainable greatness.

Change in Time a South African Legacy

Change in Time... A South African Legacy

8.5' x 8.5' ISBN-13-9781478266518

9' x 12' ISBN-13-9780615759180

Author, Troy Alexander Devine (1980-2013):


“South Africa is a beacon to the world of how a nation can have a peaceful power shift without war and bloodshed. The tribal nations and communities of South Africa have a history which is anchored in tradition. Since the dawn of man, they have struggled to evolve within the ever-changing global climate. Their stories need to be told for their children to remember and value their heritage. Learning from their past to grow with pride, rather than resentment. We are a human race with the same desires: to be loved and show love; to be free from persecution; to be safe in our homes and communities; to be prosperous; to provide security for our family’s future; and to ensure a better tomorrow for all. To a world of labels, South Africa is evaluated on its wealth of gold, diamonds, and landscapes. However, it is the word of ‘Apartheid’ that became its notorious addition to the English dictionary and earned its shame in the world. A world of continents bearing their own burdens of contradictions, religion, and racism. They too share in the guilt of painful deflection, with their own defense of group and belief. After all, isn’t a person’s value and worth based on understanding the past, so that we may appreciate the present? Black, white, mixed or imports, they all play their role in this new nation."


”I am a scatterling of Africa blown far - to plant the seed on foreign continents for others to read." Troy Devine

A Storm in Paradise



“I hope that A Storm in Paradise will inspire you to follow your heart, have a voice, do good works, protect loved ones, cherish time with your family, and contemplate your life’s true worth.” Author, Olympia Devine



“A story of love, intrigue, and realization that hope and integrity provide life’s greatest riches.” Laurel Baker, Senior Editor


“In A Storm in Paradise, Christina is raising her son at a distance from her former husband, a charming, manipulative, self-made financier, when her ex dies suddenly in an unexplained accident - and his new wife produces a suspect will, disinheriting his only son. Christina and young Mark face the battle of their lives as they take on slack officials, duplicitous lawyers, and a scheming widow. As the two unflinching characters pull together their strengths and loyalties and refuse to give in, the reader will cheer them on in the battle of their lives.” Martha Moffett, Author & Editor


“A Storm in Paradise kept me on the edge of my seat. I could not put the book down until it was finished... Very well done!” Barbara Jones, Author & Editor 

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