Palm Beach History - Books that Tell You the Real Story

Palm Beach is well-known around the world and a truly unique place that attracts not only international tourists but also celebrities and the wealthy. Many of whom are resort home residents. So it's evident that Palm Beach is also a favorite spot and inspiration for artists, writers, and photographers, and that's why Palm Beach History is full of extraordinary events related to exciting and unique personalities.


Three best Palm Beach books are devoted to telling you the story about the area and try to capture the flavor of everything from history to the modern social scene and beyond. Here's a look at them — and the author who felt the place like nobody else and did everything to show the readers a fresh perspective of island life, Olympia Devine.


Have you ever wondered how Palm Beach became one of the world's most famous resort town for the rich and famous? Have you ever thought about the history and background of this marvelous spot? What about its spectacular architecture and people who changed it so drastically? Olympia Devine can answer all those questions with ease. She writes about history, architecture, and present times, and makes stories readable and exciting. Let's read a real story of the glamorous Palm Beach!


Palm Beach The Legacy  Author, Olympia Devine 

Palm Beach: The Legacy Collectors' Edition with beautiful slipcase cover.


It is a beautiful and comprehensive coffee table book that chronicles the past and present of the extraordinary Town of Palm Beach. The reader is invited to take a tour through 280 glossy pages of past and present photos and historical editorial - all making this book "a work of art." In addition to the first 100 years of town history, Palm Beach: the Legacy includes chapters on its architects, historical places of interest, the Palm Beach Centennial, the town today, and the charm of this legendary resort and how its people play today.

Palm Beach: The Legacy is a panoramic and chronological view of Palm Beach history through the lens of a photographer and an author. This book contains an eclectic mix of beautiful photos highlighting various times, their architecture, personalities, and natural beauty that make the island so attractive for millions of tourists and celebrities.

Olympia Devine, who lives in Palm Beach herself, has developed her interest in Palm Beach history her whole life. As a writer and a photographer, she sees the area in her own, exceptional way. Every year brings more and more inspiring coffee table books, which she writes about Palm Beach.




















Mar-a-Lago Ocean-to-Lake 

Author, Olympia Devine, and co-author, Bernd Lembcke.

A beautiful hardcover coffee table book is describing the extraordinary Mar-a-Lago Club, Palm Beach, Florida property.

This new edition gives you a look at the gorgeous photos and historical facts combined to make an impressive unified image of the Palm Beach's pride - a fabulous architectural item of Mar -a-Lago. A room-by-room informative tour through 245 beautifully-designed pages of this representative of Palm Beach books won't leave anyone indifferent. Olympia Devine invites you on a journey through time.

The book starts with the early 1920s and the times of the famous Mrs. Marjorie Merriweather Post. It carries its attentive reader to 2016 and the most respectable new owner, Mr. Donald J Trump, who repaired the property and created a private club.


This one of the Palm Beach books is an excellent return of a reader to the Palm Beach. In Mar-a-Lago  Ocean-to-Lake, you will read chapters covering the Palm Beach history, architecture of the island, its clubs, sports, cars, arts, people, and nature.


Palm Beach - A Community Tribute


"These pages were completed by the community - for their community…..a tribute."  

Troy Devine

This coffee table book showcases:

•  The first 100 years of Palm Beach history, lifestyle, and culture

•  Many of the families and individuals who have made a difference

•  Many of the top organizations that have had an impact on society


Available at Barnes and Noble, and Palm Beach stores: The Palm Beach Book Store, The Flagler Museum and Par3 Golf course, etc.

One Hundred Years of Palm Beach History

Olympia Devine, in this book, humanizes Palm Beach history, especially the first 100 years of it. She focuses on the protagonists, essential people such as Henry Flagler, who was the one to see the future beauty in simple natural things. The author tells us about the people who built the town’s first luxury resorts and mansions. She tells the story of families and individuals who created the first items of Palm Beach's distinctive architecture. She mentions the people and organizations who reinvented themselves as the social aristocracy in Palm Beach. Surely, you will find there a true story of  Marjorie Merriweather Post, who reigned over Palm Beach society for years and greatly influenced Mar-a-Lago, a distinguishing sign of the area.


You will read here about a historic estate, which affected Palm Beach history and are still having an influence on modern times. There’s undoubtedly some place for current Mar-a-Lago’s occupants, like President Donald Trump.


Palm Beach History - The Retrospective

Palm Beach books tell us the story of Henry Morrison Flagler. Early in the 1900s, oil baron Henry Morrison Flagler was interested in the Southern coast of Florida and began exploring it. His first achievement was establishing a railroad that made the area much more accessible, and Mr.Flagler continues to build two hotels. This little and modest community he founded, will later become an iconic American destination, hosting royalty, singers, writers, movie stars, and business people. Now Palm Beach has turned into the second home to some of the most famous families in the USA. As the century continued, Palm Beach established itself as a luxury hideaway synonymous with old-world glamour and new-world sophistication. 


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